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The AYBA VIP Summer and Winter Programs provide a quality basketball experience for children (in elementary school to high school) with a disability of any type.

The VIP program teaches the basics of basketball, the value of friendship, and the importance of teamwork. VIP players will create friendships with other players and volunteers and gain confidence in themselves.

Below is a more detailed description of what practices will be like:

  • Every practice starts and concludes with a group-huddle in the center of the court.

  • Practices consist of ball handling drills, passing with partners, shooting drills (on a standard 10’ basket and on an 8’ basket), and of course, a friendly and fun scrimmage at the end.

Everybody supports each other. When a player misses a shot, you’ll hear a chorus of “Don’t worry! You’ll make it next time!” teammates are ready to give high-fives. During scrimmages, every player is given the opportunity to dribble down the court and score a basket. When they do, their teammates shout encouragement like “Great shot!” and “Good pass!”

The program will be led by Olivia Lee and Samantha Finch.

Key Dates

Registration Program Fee
Open NOW! 2022 AYBA Winter VIP - Registration $29.00


Winter Program Sign Ups are open now.

  • Practices are every Sunday at Lindero Canyon Middle School from 4-5 PM starting December 4th and ending March 5, 2023.

  • All players who register by November 7, 2022 will also receive a jersey with their last name on it for their participation in the program.

Summer Program Sign Ups start in late spring each year.

Volunteer Details: 

  • Consistent and engaged volunteers are crucial to this program.

  • If you are interested and able to volunteer, please email your name, email address and cell phone number to Olivia Lee at

Members of the VIP Program