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The Agoura Youth Basketball Association (AYBA) is a volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to helping youth build self esteem and self confidence through organized basketball.  The AYBA strives to educate and motivate each player to achieve their own individual level of success.  Character development is stressed through teamwork and sportsmanship remembering that the primary goal is for the children to have fun.  Coaches and volunteers will always conduct themselves as ethical role models focused on the welfare of the children of our community.

 2016 AYBA Summer Season LATE Registration
Online via website - Mon May 30, 2016

LATE Online Registration will be OPEN for ONLY one week through midnight on June 5th for $145 (inclusive of late fees).  If you have not already registered and would like your son/daughter to play this summer, please sign up as soon as possible. 

Financial Assistance is available to children who qualify for the Federal Free Lunch Program upon request.

REGISTER NOW so son/daughter does not miss out on the opportunity to play fun and relaxed summer basketball!!! 

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Games this summer will be played on both weekday evenings and weekends based on gym availability. The season schedule will be condensed due to local area schools starting in Early August. Consequently, teams will play multiple games in one week. Youths will play at their current grade level for the 2015/2016 school year.



Games for the college/adult division will be played on Sunday Evenings based on gym availability.  Due to the condensed season schedule, games will also be played on weeknights. 

Please note that the players signing up during the late registration period, will be automatically wait-listed.  They will be move to active roster if there is room in their division and will be at the discretion of the Division Director.   

Links to AYBA Draft Documents for Coaches

Coaches Pledge - It is important for coaches and assistants to read and sign this document and submit it to the Division Director before they start practice session with their drafted players.

Coaches Disclosure Statement - Coaches and assistants are expected to fill, sign and submit the document to the Division Director before start of the season.

 AYBA Rules / Rules Matrix / Playing Time
AYBA Website - Sun Dec 01, 2013

Please click on the link below to download and read the AYBA Summer and Winter Season rules.  Coaches and Referees are required to carry a printed copy of the rules with them at all games.

Click here to download a pdf version of the rules as of February 1, 2016

RULES MATRIX: We have added a Rules Matrix to provide a quick reference to the rules by division/grade level for coaches and referees. Please click here for the Rules Matrix.

PLAYING TIME: Please click here for clarification on playing time for teams with six, seven, eight, nine players.




 AYBA League Refund Policy
AYBA - Sat Sep 01, 2012

The AYBA League refund policy is as follows:

  1. 100% minus a $25.00 processing fee before the draft.
  2. 50% after the draft but before uniforms have been distributed 
  3. NO Refund after the uniforms have been distributed.
 If you require a refund or have any other billing questions please contact our Director of Registration.
 AYBA Calendar of Events
Agoura - Fri Oct 01, 2010
 Our Partner Sports
Local - Fri Oct 30, 2009

Our local partner sports organizations

Westlake Agoura Girls Softball

AYBA Divisions
College Jonathan Bilchik
Travel Teams Ken Malouf
VIP League David Barsocchini
ABC-GIRLS Conley Oliver
Girls 1st-3rd Scott Enoch
Girls 4th-5th Brent Finch
Girls 6/7/8/9 Brian Ferber
ABC-BOYS Conley Oliver
Boys 1st David Kamai
Boys 2nd Joe Klopp
Boys 3rd Evan Newhouse
Boys 4th John Somers
Boys 5th Noah Bookman
Boys 6th Jon Finch
Boys 7th Kevin Bean
Boys 8th Jim Bukowski
Boys 9-HS Dan Burch

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